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Illustrations From Book of Nursery and Mother Goose Rhymes- Caldecott Honor Book 1955


Many of Mrs. deAngeli's illustrations no longer hold the vibrancyand detail of the original drawings due to multiple printingsfrom deteriorating printers plates and reprints made from books.Even existing orginal drawings not properly preserved have undergoneserious erosion. Preservation of remaining orginial art work isimperative.

A comparison of 3 renderings that accompanied the rhyme:

When I was a little boy I lived by myself,

And all the bread and cheese I got I laid upon a shelf;

The rats and the mice they made such a strife,

I had to go to London-town and buy me a wife.

From 1954 Ist Edition

Zephyr Books Reprint

Original Illustration

Mrs. deAngeli drew heavily on her family for models throughout the Book of Nursery and Mother Goose Rhymes. Below is a photograph of her grandmother, Maggie Lofft at her 50 th wedding anniversay next to a drawing accompnaying the rhyme "There was an old lady tossed up in a basket..."


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